Monday, March 30, 2015

The Dos And Donts of Consignment Shopping

In this post I will be sharing a few tips about shopping consignment.  What is consignment?  Theoretically, it's a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone. Realistically, it's a more appealing way to to describe second hand, thrift and re-sale shops.  Although, the first thing that pops in the consumer's mind when we hear "resale, second hand, consignment or thrift stores is "Deals".  That isn't always the outcome.  I am going to brief you on three main factors that can help you always find the best deals when shopping consignment.

1.   Always google the items questioned for purchase.  You need to check authenticity, original price of the brand and style and look for any signs of defect, permanent damage meaning marks and rips and complete details of listing(s).
 2.  If a shoe is selling for $200, you should find out the original pricing.  If original pricing is $400, ask the consigner if the price is negotiable.  That isn't a deal unless the shoe is brand new.  Otherwise, you are paying retail markdown for a pre-owned item.
3.  Never purchase undergarments, swimwear, girdles, or bodysuits pre-owned.  This is for sanitary and hygiene purposes.  It's never good to share panties with anyone other than yourself.
4.  DO NOT purchase any white garments pre-owned.  White is a very gentle and easily ruined color.   It can sometimes take on the appearance of being dingy after worn only once.  White shirts also are easily stained by deodorants.  They leave a yellow stain under the pits that are sometimes unremoveable.

Although, there are many more more tips that I have, these are just the ones that I find more important.  Hopefully, you these tips will help you the same that they have helped me.  Try them out by visiting htt://

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tips On Purchasing Designer Runway Gowns For Under $300

Well, spring is definitely here. I love the spring.  You get to wear your pretty pastel colors and the new shoes that you collected over the winter.  But, I must say I look forward to the proms and junior dances.  I live to see the youth dressed in there beautiful gowns and tuxedos.  Especially, in this day in time.  Because I remember ruffles, sequins and Cinderella bottoms when I graduated.  My oh my we have come a long way.  
The preparation of prom alone is costly and can be a bit stressful.  This is why I decided to share some information with you that can save you lots of money and your daughter can obtain the look of a celebrity.  Listed below are three  suggestions to cut the cost of buying a prom gown.

1.  Consignment Boutiques... You could always visit an upscale consignment store that sell gowns.  Some of the gowns are consigned because the previous owner probably had no use for them after one wear.  

2.  Internet Surfing....You can search the Internet for free prom gown give-a-ways.  Sometimes, people luck up and come across some very nice dresses.

3.  Online Upscale Boutiques... Normally, when the first word is "upscale" in an advertisement we automatically think up the dollar.  That isn't always true.  Visit and find just about every high end fashion designer gowns for under $250.  The gowns are brand new and original retail prices starts at $500 and up.  Some of the gowns are designer runway samples.  Your daughter could very well find the gowns worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Mary J. Blige and many more.  

Well, that's all I have for now.  But, please check back for fashion sales, tips and deals.  Good Luck!!!