Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dress Down Day At The Office For Upper Management

With prior experience of working in he corporate world, I understand the excitement of dress down day in the office.  It's almost have h same thrill that a child experience when they her "Early Dismissal".  You pick out your cutest jeans and mot stylish footwear for that day.  But, the down side to dress up day is they most employees in upper management are hesitant to participate.  Think about it when you see suits and dresses in a work place your mind automatically goes to he/she must be a person of importance.  Well, if you are part of upper management this post is specifically for you.  I am going to share with you some tips on how to wear jeans in the office and still maintain a professional appearance.

The most important part is to buy jeans that fit, perfectly.  You don't want boyfriend or loose fit jeans.    Boyfriend and loose fit jeans are baggy.  They tend to give off a relaxed, running to the mall and market appearance.  This doesn't mean that you should purchase skintight jeans but, a more tapered look.  Old Navy is a great, inexpensive store to shop for jeans.  You'll be surprised as to how much a nice blouse can dress up a pair if jeans.  Listed below are a few  suggestions of how to transform  a relaxed look to a corporate look with denim.  Please visit for a head-start.  You will fall in love with the different selections.